Bridal jewelry, what to wear on the wedding day

Necklace and Earrings IOLUCE

The moment of the "Yes, I want to", the white dress, the emotion that tightens the chest, unrepeatable moments enclosed in the mind and in a special object. Unique, magical. Only those who love beauty may know the value of a jewel treasure box capable of guarding emotions, words, gestures and all the happiness of a day full of smiles.

Why is Bridal jewelry Important? Because, on the day of promises, tradition is as important as personal touch. No need to exaggerate: sobriety, elegance and refinement are guiding principles valid for all. But, in the final look, what will be talked about forever, which will be admired by dozens of people, to count are the details. Starting with the jewels.

What Bridal Jewelry To Choose?

Necklace IOLUCE

Bridal jewelry, more than anything else, expresses the sense of style and must be selected with care: precious materials, eternal design, unique in workmanship. A jewel Giorgio Visconti responds to all the characteristics but satisfies a particular desire: it makes the bride excited.

With hands, ready to welcome the wedding ring, the bride can opt for earrings and choker, accessories necessary to complete a dream outfit.

The high jewelry creations of the IOLUCE Collection in white or rose gold and diamonds, are made to tell something about themselves, becoming a significant part of the person who wears it.

With a seductive and timeless design, each jewel fills the face with glows, reflecting the light and giving it shape. Pendants and earrings shine on the woman who has chosen them and who will be able to wear them with irrepressible grace.

But the magic of the "Forever" starts from before, from the day when with the eyes and heart you make a promise that materializes in a ring, the most important, irresistible, that does not admit a response that is not "Yes". The solitaire, a golden circle shining with light, can have only one color, one stone, many stones and more colors. Everyone will find their own jewel for life in the "ICONA Collection", a line of precious rings that you will not allow less than an enchanted look.

The ICONA ring is the result of the encounter between tradition and trend, with the Italian touch able to mount a unique composition Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Deep Blue Sapphires. The craftsmanship of each ring evident from any angle, the more you observe, the more details emerge, with the Iconic V, which can be appreciated by the profile of the ring, symbol of the historic brand founded by Giorgio Visconti.

Each jewel is born to be admired for a lifetime and to be loved by those who will then come. A single object that contains the emotions of a moment, forever fixed in gold and in the glows, made to last forever.