Vie Privée, an irresistible design collection

Reve Line, ring in Rose Gold With Diamonds and Kogolong

Particularly seductive in shape, made even more desirable by the amount of diamonds and precious stones that illuminate the day and night with the variety and finesse of cuts and settings. Vie Privée is the exclusive Giorgio Visconti collection composed of rings, earrings and necklaces made of white gold and rose gold, suitable for any type of occasion but especially suitable for a woman with a strong taste, always elegant, and that aims to not go unnoticed.

The woman who chooses Vie Privée by Giorgio Visconti, a collection in which sophistication and opulence coexist, can wear a single jewel or more precious together creating beautiful sets, composed according to their sense of style, to enrich with a touch of class and shine the look of the day.

The particularity of the thirteen lines of the Vie Privée collection comes from the balance of volumes and proportions that characterizes every single jewel, in spiredby the best goldsmith creativity of the late twentieth century, the eighties and nineties.


Charme Line, ring in Rose Gold with Diamands and Kogolong

The design of rings, earrings and necklaces pendants, by Vie Privée comes directly from the reinterpretation of the rounded shape, original expression of an era that gave accessories, and in particular jewelry, a fundamental role in completing a woman’s style.

Within the vast choice of shapes offered by the Vie Privée collection, the spirals, the abstract and imaginative weaves, the commas and the hearts have a special place and many jewels are even more irresistible for the addition of brilliant cut diamond pavements, of pearls and other rare and precious stones, such as onyx and Kogolong, harmonized with gold in a sophisticated and chic way.

Rings, earrings and necklaces refined to wear every day, ideal to complete with accuracy the look of women who like to be flattered with a gift but who, most of the time, choose to give themselves the irresistible pleasure of a luxurious pampering.

Each will find in Vie Privée its own special jewel, in white or rose gold, or in an interesting mix of shades: from the rings with an enveloping design, domed or maxi band, studded with diamond decorations, to hoop earrings, never classic or banal, to match everything, up to the pendants with round or oval geometric shapes and the swirling weaves of gold on whose polished surfaces the light shines.

To complete the collection, the precious ones with a message, like those of the Bonheur line, characterized by the writing Love in diamonds: witty, contemporary and romantic.

Giorgio Visconti jewels from the Vie Privée collection, small, large, showy, never conventional, are the meeting point between the needs of lovers of beauty and those of design for which elegance does not coincide with simplicity but with distinction in every occasion.