Giorgio Visconti and the Brand Concept IOLUCE




The concept on which the Brand Positioning has developed is contained in a Japanese word with a unique meaning and translatable into different languages: if you wanted to describe you could define as the evocation of those beautiful memories of the past that give us joy and happiness.

The word is: "Natsukashii".

"Natsukashii" is the metaphor of a "treasure box of light that preserves memories".

The Project of Positioning

From the concept "Natsukashii" then comes the positioning of the Product Brand and Brand Identity of IOLUCE. The claim was developed to synthesize and strengthen the concept: "Holds the light of your memories".

We studied the logo composed of a sequence of thin, light and delicate letters that are embedded by a horizontal beam of light. In its completeness the logo takes the form of a key, as if it protected the contents of a secret treasure.

Awards and Prizes

The IOLUCE project, one year after its launch, has received international awards including the prestigious Indigo Design Awards:

  • Silver Logos 2022
  • Bronze in Branding 2022
  • Bronze in Fashion Brand 2022

IOLUCE - Necklace Pink Gold and Diamonds
IOLUCE Necklace and Earrings