Giorgio Visconti is light: our jewels, our mission and core values

Giorgio Visconti spent whole days immersed in the selection of diamonds, but the secret of what is still called "The Light Giorgio Visconti" in due only in part to the selection of the diamonds, it is the most innovative setting techniques, almost defying the laws of physics, to give off an unmistakable brillance.

For Giorgio Visconti, Light is the symbol of the inner beauty of every woman; the diamond offers the necessary reflection to give life to the spark of an unmistakable elegance, which makes the most precious moments unforgettable.

Mission, vision and values of Giorgio Visconti

Giorgio Visconti jewels are always created respecting the brand "Manifesto", expressing all the classic, timeless jewelry, but in a continuous evolutionary process between innovation, design and research.

Our final goal?

To make every woman feel loved, first and foremost loved by herself.

Creation. Uniqueness. Heritage.

Authentic Value for a world full of light.

Authenticity, a true value

The value of gold, precious stones and diamonds is obviously very important. But not enough for Giorgio Visconti. Our authenticity, in fact, refers not only to our jewelry but to the people who works for us, with passion in every single aspect of the jewelry making.

Authenticity means for us a guarantee of loyalty and trust for those who choose a Giorgio Visconti jewel. We guide the company with maximum consistency between words and actions, for a clear and bright approach of pure truth, of which natural diamonds can only be the symbol.

We stand firm in our ideals year after year.

The Giorgio Visconti Light


"Mehr licht" - "More light".

These are said to have been the last words spoken by Goethe and these are still today the first words that inspire our creation.

You need experience and passion, but also talent; creativity is not only in the inspiration, but also in the care and innovation of details.

Giorgio Visconti expresses his creative approach to jewelry also by addressing any possible problems in terms of design and perspective, because there are no limits to improvement.

Giorgio Visconti jewels want to be synonymous of a timeless classic, without anchoring themselves to the past: in high end jewelry there is still plenty of room to innovate.

Our jewels, our mission and core values


Every woman is unique.

Every diamond is unique.

Every detail is unique.

The diversity of each individual is an integral part of its beauty and value.

Give or give yourself a jewel from Giorgio Visconti allow you to enhance the uniqueness of the person you love, exactly as it is, without tricks or pretenses.

The personality is strong: in the customer, in the jewel and in the people of the company that have contributed to create it.

The centrality of Light for Giorgio Visconti

The Light is a mystery.

Heavenly, impalpable, almost inexplicable, it can be perceived through the sight but it is untouchable. And yet, it requires a physical body to be reflected, otherwise there would be no light.

Giorgio Visconti jewels are endowed with their own light: every joy emits a rare, uncommon and unmistakable light. The typical light of Giorgio Visconti jewels.

Each creation is a symbol of a whispered and never ostentatious elegance, made with attention to detail, love of shapes and experience.

We want to offer a tangible transposition of the invisible pleasure of the most precious moments of life: Giorgio Visconti jewels are not only worn, but feel their own, as a reminder of an instant.

All the jewels and collections embody a specific moment, a memory made unforgettable by the light of Giorgio Visconti diamonds.

Choose authenticity for a world ful a light.