IOLUCE, Earrings Rose Gold with Diamonds

IOLUCE: Holds the light of your memories

Forever: the formula of every promise, every ritual, every moment to remember. Only a IOLUCE jewel of Giorgio Visconti, made of white or rose gold with diamonds.

The exclusive collection consisting of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in gold and diamonds, gives value to every important occasion, every magical moment full of joy, to be celebrated with the unmistakable light of Giorgio Visconti jewelry.

IOLUCE is designed for a woman who loves holding and giving value to every significant moment of life.


IOLUCE, Necklace in Rose Gold or White Gold with Diamonds

The earrings,necklaces, bracelets and rings of this collection offer a brighter point of light because they feature a unique design created by Giorgio Visconti, a brand with over fifty years of experience in high-end jewelry. The Diamonds selected for the creations of Giorgio Visconti have a special light: brighter than any other diamonds cut and set to reflect the sheen to infinity.

If there is no Light, it is not Giorgio Visconti.

The square shape, which captures the natural light and enhances it to the maximum, has been designed to shine both day and night, with the glow of the stone that attract the eye to every movement.

The drop shape is an evergreen revisited and ritualized, to always be appreciated especially, by customers of the new millennium. The central diamond cut pear shape and the brilliant cut diamond contour represent an irresistible touch of sophisticated elegance, symptom of unmistakable and exclusive style.

Both available in white gold and rose gold - a variant preferred by those who choose a timeless and always in vogue color option - the earrings are coordinated with the necklaces that recalls the same theme giving more refinement and light to the décolleté and the face of the wearer.

The IOLUCE jewel holds the most beautiful moments of a woman’s life, is a symbol of passion and joy, a memory of a happy day to shine forever, a rare object to keep with love and to be handed down over time.