Our Diamonds - The 4Cs

The factors that establish the value and certify the quality of diamonds are universally called “The 4Cs”, from the initials of the corresponding terms in English. They refer to the grading system of G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America).

The 4Cs:



Diamond clarity refers to the absence of natural flaws, either internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes). These impurities in diamonds can be mineral or cleavages, and they appear inside the gemstone during its formation in the subsoil. They may look like tiny crystals or opaque areas. Only a very few of the diamonds found in nature are truly flawless, therefore they are very precious. The impurities are classified on a clarity scale which has different levels, from the grade of maximum clarity F (Flawless-pure) to PK3 o I3 (Piqué - Included 3) and it is based on the presence of natural flaws under a ten-fold magnification. The highest a diamond’s clarity, the more it will be brilliant, rare and precious.

Diamond clarity scale, coded according to international standards.


More than any other quality, it is the cut which determines and emphasizes a diamond’s fire, sparkle and brilliance: a precise and well proportioned cut is able to multiply the scintillation of the light refracted and reflected. Only the capable hands of accomplished cutters, playing with angles and facets along perfect geometric proportions, can guarantee the diamond’s maximum splendor. When a diamond is cut according to “ideal proportions”, all the light passing through the diamond is let out from the upper part of the gemstone, resulting in a brilliant dispersion with white shining glares (brilliance), combined with a scintillating display of the rainbow colors (dispersion or fire).

Cut determines also the shape of the gemstone. The round diamond, symmetrical and therefore able to reflect almost entirely the incoming light, is the most appreciated and the most valuable. However, there is a wide variety of cut and shapes.


In diamonds the absence of color is synonymous with high quality. Diamonds’ colors can vary from “winter ice” white to “summer heat” white. They are graded on a color scale, developed by G.I.A., which distinguishes the different shades with alphabetical letters: from “d” which represents the maximum degree of purity, diamonds which are perfectly colorless, to “z” which represents gemstones with hints of yellow or brown.

Carat - Weight:

Diamonds are weighed in carats. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams and can be furthermore subdivided in 100 “points”. A diamond of 0.75 carats can be described likewise as a diamond of 75 points or 3/4 carat. Since the biggest diamonds are the rarest in nature, they are definitely more precious and more expensive than small gemstones.

How we select our diamonds

Since 1946, the founding year of Giorgio Visconti, we have always selected our diamonds seeking for the best compromise between clarity, cut and color. 

All our selection is made with 10x magnification loupes and using diamonds for comparison that we consider as our highest quality standard. 

We selected G color as minimum value,therefore you will find in our jewels both G color and F color (G.I.A. color grading scale).

The degree Vs2 as minimum Clarity value therefore you will find in our jewels both Vs2 and Vs1 clarity (G.I.A. color grading scale).

While, in terms of cut, we rely on the expert eye of our assistants who succeed in the selection of the best gemstones in terms of  brilliance. 

We support the work of our specialists with two synthetic diamonds screening machines produced by the IIDGR Institute, part of DeBeers group, which help us in analyzing all the gemstones we buy: the SynthDetect and the AMS2 allow us to verify quickly all our diamonds and to guarantee with certainty that only natural gemstones are present in our jewelry. 

Our suppliers, furthermore, must certify the diamonds’ origin in compliance with the Kimberly Process program of United Nations ensuring that no single diamond is extracted in conflict zones. 

How to choose our diamonds

We would like to provide you with further information for a comprehensive understanding of the product info sheet on our website referring to each of our diamonds. 

Weight: the weight of our diamonds is always expressed in carats (abbreviated as ct)

Color and Clarity: color and clarity are specified after the weight (G.I.A. grading system)

- Diamond/s ct. 0.46 / Color FG / Clarity VS

In case the item displays a central stone and other diamond around you will always find the center diamond’s weight distinctly specified.

- Diamond/s ct. 0.46 / Color FG / Clarity VS
- Diamond/s Center/s ct. 0.30 / Color FG / Clarity VS

Some of our diamonds are certified - normally the laboratory is G.I.A. but it might be also I.G.I. or H.R.D. : in those cases you will find weight, color, clarity and the certificate number.

- 0,40 FG VS2 GIA 6352952315

Our colored stones

The precious stones are gifts of nature, they are gemstones which have always fascinated women throughout the ages all around the world. We use Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires and Aquamarines. We research and select them worldwide.

Our selection is mainly focused on color and clarity. All our stones are examined under 10x magnification loupes to guarantee the highest quality achievable.


It belongs to the beryl group of minerals and its most valuable color is sky blue, the more intense its color, the higher its value. The weight of aquamarine is expressed in carats.

- Aquamarine/s ct. 3.25


Ruby belongs to the corundum family among which it is, undoubtedly, the most valuable variety. Its color is red and the most precious stones are of an intense red. The weight of ruby is expressed in carats.

- Ruby/ies ct. 0.67


It belongs to the beryl family, its color is green and, depending on its origin, can vary from yellowish green, mint green, to light blue-grey green. The weight of emerald is expressed in carats.

- Emerald/s ct. 0.67


It is the blue shade variety of corundum. The highest quality is associated with brightness at great saturation of an intense blue color. The weight of sapphire is expressed in carats.

- Sapphire/s ct. 0.67

Our Pearls

Pearls symbolize beauty and perfection. There are natural pearls, originated in nature spontaneously without human intervention, and pearls which are naturals yet cultured, both in saltwater or in freshwater.

We have always used natural cultured pearls, both in saltwater and in freshwater, of various dimension - always indicated in millimeters - seeking for the perfect roundness, the surface free of blemishes and the white coloring, which is certainly the most valuable.

- Pearl Mm. 4/4,5

Our Gold

We buy pure gold from certified suppliers R.J.C. (C.O.P. and C.O.C.) which guarantee that gold is not originated in conflict zones. We mix it to obtain 18k gold alloys. The alloy we use complies with European regulations on nickel release. The weight of gold is expressed in grams (g.).

- Gold g. 7,5