Below we indicate two different methods to measure the size of your ring; we recommend, if possible, to use the first method (from ring) as it is more reliable.

1. From Ring

To use this system it is necessary to print the pdf in the following link; check that you have printed the page correctly using the verification system indicated, in the event of an error please check that there are NO print reductions or adaptations (in the print window in the size field use the "actual size" checkbox).

  1. choose a ring in your possession as a reference;
  2. place the ring on the reference circles by matching the internal circumference with the circle itself;
  3. if in doubt between two sizes, select the larger one.

2. From the finger

  1. take a ribbon or card;
  2. wrap it around the widest point of the finger where you will wear the chosen ring (it could be the joint) and mark the junction point of the two ends;
  3. spread the tape or card on a flat surface and measure the length to the point marked with a ruler;
  4. use the conversion table below to obtain the Italian size of your ring to order.

Size conversion table

Italian sizeCircumference mmUK ConversionUS ConversionJapan Conversion
646G3 ¾5.9
848I4 ½7.8
1050J-K5 ¼9.7
1151K-L5 ¾10.7
1353M-N6 ½12.6
1454N-O6 ¾13.6
1555O-P7 ¼14.6
1656P7 ½15.5
1858Q-R8 ¼17.4
1959R8 ¾18.3
2161S-T9 ½20.3
2363U-V10 ¼22.2
2464V10 ¾23.1
2666X11 ½25.0
2767X-Y11 ¾26.0