Our Story

The light of a diamond can truly lighten the world: it was the credo of Giorgio Visconti, in the year when humankind came out of the darkest hour.

It was 1946.

And the world to which Giorgio Visconti decided to give light had the appearance of a woman, finally free to restore meaning to the most precious moments of her life.

It was not, however, a matter of conceiving some flamboyant shapes, pursuing short-lived fashion trends or surrendering to ostentation. Giorgio Visconti was inspired by the rigorous values he grew up with. For him, to illuminate a woman with a diamond meant to remain true to the purity of classic jewelry, reshaping the eternal forms under the light of his personal intuition.

Over the years, a creative research based on the brilliance of the jewels came to life in its unique character: Giorgio Visconti personally selected and set the precious gems with an unprecedented sensitivity. He worked on classic jewelry in order to draw from the diamonds a unique, unmistakable light.

The artisan workshop became a company. The company, a second family. The research for “more light” did not stop and never will: it became his magnificent obsession.

“He used to spend entire days absorbed in the selection of diamonds” recall who personally knew him. But the secret of what today it is still recognized as “The light Giorgio Visconti” lies juts partially in selecting diamonds. It is the setting techniques, brought to their extreme, almost challenging the rules of physics, which release that unmistakable brilliance.

“The diamond has to shine, more” He often repeated to his assistants. These are the words that still lead today - and they will always lead - the creations of Giorgio Visconti. His legacy is made of shapes, insights and techniques that live today in the most iconic jewels that bear his name.